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Recipe for success

Whenever I hear the phrase “recipe for success”, I remember when I worked in the food sector as a salesman.  Our sales had not increased for two years and the company brought in a new Sales Director.  Soon after he joined, he called all the sales staff together to announce his plan to reverse the negative trend.

So much is talked about motivation but this, his keynote speech, is inspirational.  It is truly stirring.

Let me speak to you in plain English.

Selling today is no picnic.  With the current economic climate, it’s the organisations that are lean and hungry that will survive.

What I am saying may be unpalatable – but our sales have been like a cold soufflé, as flat as a pancake.  What it boils down to is this:  you cannot expect to be spoon fed, you have got to fight to get your slice of the cake.

I can see you thinking: is he going to firmly grasp this chestnut?  Is he going to crack it this time?  In a nutshell, in one single word: yes, I am.  I’m not going to make a meal of it, I’m not going to mince my words because it’s not just peanuts we are looking at.

I’m cheesed off with people beefing about how the company has tried to cater for the customer.  We haven’t.   All we have done is offer half baked solutions and ended up going from the frying pan into the fire.  One crumb of comfort is that many of our competitors have been left with egg on their faces.  Declining sales is as much a hot potato for them as it is for us.OEUFS en panier

The company has chewed this over before.  But, it’s no use crying over spilt milk or for you to complain that you’ve got too much on your plates.  It’s only by putting our eggs in one basket that we’ll save our bacon.

The recipe for success is for us to work as a team and provide a soup to nuts solution.  This means that everyone must work together to regain our appetite.  It’s not a case of too many cooks spoil the broth, but all hands to the pump to spice up our figures.  So let’s suck it and see.

Let me give you some final food for thought.  Icing on the cake is not just an improbable dream.  The proof of the pudding is in creaming off the best sales, not scraping the bottom ofwooden spoon the barrel.

You are our bread winners.  If you want your share of the pie, you’ve got to be as keen as mustard.  Any salesman worth his salt should want to milk the market and watch his sales mushroom.  This may be a bitter pill to swallow but, as sure as eggs are eggs, if you don’t use your loaf we’ll end up with the wooden spoon as our staple diet.