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More advice from the cowman

Don’t throw your weight around

A truck driver arrived on the farm to pick up the sacks of corn.  He made it clear that he wanted to get loaded quickly.  “Hurry up,” he commanded, “I need to get back to the mill.”

I could see that Jim was annoyed at being pushed to work faster by this man.  We loaded the bags steadily and, after the driver had left, I said to Jim:  “He made it clear what he wanted.”

“Aaah, yes,” he said, “but let me warn you – if you throw yer weight around, don’t you be surprised if you  have it thrown around by somebody else.”

More advice from the cowman

We had loaded a trailer of bales and were making our way to the barn when some of the bales slid off.  The foreman came over fast and asked us what had happened.  Well, he did not actually ask and did not use exactly those words.

Quick as a flash, Jim defused the situation.  “Swearing is a waste of time,” he said, “save yer breath for breathing.”

A flea’s guide to organisational culture

Great fleas have little fleas

Upon their back to bite ‘em;

And little fleas have lesser fleas

And so, ad infinitum.

And great fleas, themselves, in turn

Have greater fleas to go on;

While these, again, have greater still,

And greater still, and so on.

A verse written by Augustus de Morgan, based on a poem by Jonathan Swift