Great motivational speeches: a call to arms

Let me speak to you in plain English.

Our figures show we have surrendered the high ground in our sales offensive.  Last quarter we were advancing with flying colours on a number of fronts, but we now seem to have drawn our wagons in a tight circle and adopted a laager mentality.

This may come as a bit of a bombshell but, if you managers and your troops don’t hit the target next quarter, people will be getting their marching orders.

If the rank and file don’t stop shooting themselves in the foot, there will be casualties.  Don’t think this is just a warning shot, the knives are out for anyone running for cover.

We’ve ended up sitting on a powder keg waiting to get scalped

The competition is cut throat, the market is a minefield.  But I’ve never fought shy of a battle, I’ve always been first over the top and have the scars to prove it.

You may be scanning the horizon, hoping the cavalry will come over the hill or a knight in shining armour.  Holding the fort and sticking to our guns is not enough.  We’ve ended up sitting on a powder keg waiting to get scalped.

We had a number of customers in our sights and sales were rocketing.  I know some were a long shot, a bit of a stab in the dark, but we were going great guns.

Now what do I find?  Our targets are in danger.  Our competitors have stolen a march on us.  They are calling the shots while we fight a losing battle.  We are in the firing line while our sales staff are at daggers drawn and our prospects decimated.

First of all, we are our own worst enemy.  At the first sign of a battle, a whiff of cordite, our people beat a retreat and we end up looking down the wrong end of a barrel with a knife at our throats.

Secondly, our competitors seem quicker on the draw.   All our troops must throw down the gauntlet and blow them out of the water.   We’ve got to nail our colours to the mast and go for the throat to break their stranglehold.   Sharpen your knives and let them have it with both barrels.

We will advance on all fronts – find a chink in their armour, outflank them before we are holed below the water line and meet our Waterloo.

These are my orders: In this outfit, we are all brothers in arms.  We will close ranks and hit the ground running.  We will gird our loins for the warpath.  We will take no prisoners.  The spoils of victory will be ours.

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