Are you a “just” person?

Do you know a person who uses the word “just”?

You may have a boss:  “Could you just do these mods for me?”  But, “just do these mods” turns out to be the whole report with complicated formatting, extensive graphics and incoherent text.  And it’s Friday, four o’clock.

Or the boss might say “We’ll just have to tell them that the date has slipped.”  The date has slipped twice already and your boss is too frightened to contact the client.  “You get on well with them and it will be good for your development.”  Thanks boss.

Partners can be “just” too.  There is the “just” man:  “I’m just taking the dog for a walk,” he says innocently.  What he is really aiming to do is go to the pub, play darts and get to know the new barmaid better.

And the woman may want the man to perform numerous lengthy and arduous tasks.  She introduces the concept by making it sound trivial and easy.  “Could you just put the rubbish out?” she asks.  This means clear the shed, collect the bottles, go to the tip and buy more refuse bags.  Oh, and do the shopping while you are there.

If you are a “just” user, look out for the word and avoid it.

What can you do if you encounter a “just” user?  Simple: just give them some feedback.

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