A cowboy’s guide to life

A cowboy’s guide to life

Hollywood has made cowboys very glamorous but the reality is different. For example, a cowpoke was a man who rode the cattle truck holding a sharp stick. His job was to poke any cow that looked like it wanted to lie down to prevent it from getting trampled.

No wonder then, that in this tedious, noisy and smelly world, cowboys developed a rich philosophy which might be applied to organisational life.

“The only way to drive cattle fast is slowly”
“Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance”

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  1. A cowboys guide to life.

    Sounds like the leader/ driver/ boss has to be prepared to administer pain, in order to keep the show on the road. But striking the balance is difficult. To set a pace which is acceptable for everyone is surely impossible. Hence the casualties of getting trampled on. People become physically ill, stressed and mentally unwell and unhappy.
    So the question is; how to set the pace for work or a project that is acceptable to all.
    In education, my son George in his new role as one of 2 assistant head teachers at the largest primary school in the S.W, is working at a break neck (how interesting ; the metaphors that spring out) speed but he can do this because he is a Young man. He has already said after a month at this new role, he will not stay in teaching, Maybe 10 years.

    Thinking of the role of mothers, parents, it is neccessary to be cruel to be kind to your child when setting boundaries, teaching new ways of behaviour. I do not mean physically cruel, but a kind of psychological cruelty. It’ s a firmness really and not giving in to the child’s whims.
    As you say in the work place, setting the pace and goals can only be affective, if people have the opportunity for equal discussion.
    Better stop!!!!

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