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Mike WestwoodMy mainstream career has been pretty much in a straight line: teaching, management, training and now facilitation.  After four years of teaching in England, I moved to Rhodesia where I had the pleasure of being swarmed by hornets and meeting Ian Smith before leaving for Cape Town. Here, I became Company Secretary in a civil engineering firm of 1500 employees. I stayed for five years in Cape Town before returning to the UK to join a training company.

I became less enthusiastic about training, feeling that it was pretend. Participants may have returned to their organisations fired up – but, then what? Development effort focusing on the individual in isolation is rarely effective.

Working with individuals and teams on live issues became a greater part of my work and it coincided with my being introduced to pin boards and stationery designed for group collaboration.

2. HBS team 1At first I used the techniques on training courses and in team working. Next, I designed interventions that were pure facilitation – any situation where the client wished to analyse what was happening and then to put in place solid actions.

Facilitation has now become what I do – strategy, project rescue, requirements definition, public consultation, customer focus, performance management, BPR. I find it a fulfilling experience both for me and the clients that I work with.

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